Skypersonic’s response to COVID-19

Skypersonic’s response to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the development of a Skypersonic solution in support of the community in this challenging moment.

Skycopter can be utilized as a remote disinfecting and sanitizing drone for indoor environments where access by personnel is deemed High Risk or Dangerous.

This solution can be used in diverse environments, including public and private spaces such as Hospitals and Acute Care Facilities, Assisted and Senior Living Communities,  K-12 School, Colleges and Universities, Public Transportation, Emergency Response, Community Centers, etc.
The unique features of the Skycopter make it the only drone currently in the market able to safely reach inaccessible indoor spaces to complete needed disinfection and sanitation where the virus could be present.  This operation can be carried out safely and effectively without placing personnel at risk.

The Skypersonic team is committed to providing any assistance needed to our communities in the war against covid-19 with this next generation technology and services. Please contact us for more information regarding this solution.

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