• Skycopter Platform won 1st Place at Exelon’s 2019 Innovation Expo that showcases exciting technologies giving Exelon employees the opportunity to show the latest in technological solutions that will improve safety, reduce time and labor and are more effective than traditional operations.
  • The Skycopter is the UAV inspection tool that removes or replaces the number of scaffolds erected for visual inspection purposes.
  • Safely Inspect all facilities during a Refueling Outage while reducing costly labor and time with just 10-15 mins of flight time needed for a standard tank inspection.
  • Skypersonic is the first Indoor Confined Space Inspection UAV available with an on-board Radiation Detector!  The Skycopter has been customized to support the additional payload  of the Mirion DMC3000 Personal Electronic Dosimeter, which is mounted 30cm from the front of the Skycopter cage to verify high radiation boundary posting requirements.  This additional payload is easily supported by the powerful Skycopter and only reduces its flight time to 8min+.
Image module

The Mirion DMC 3000 dosimeter added as payload

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Radiation tolerance certificate. Click here to download

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Mirion DMC 3000 dosimeter