The Skycopter’s primary application is short-range reconnaissance missions in confined space and GPS-denied areas.

Combat soldiers, police officers, firefighters, wildlife managers, and industrial inspectors rely on the Skycopter to achieve mission success.
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Rapid Field Deployment
Take advantage of the Skycopter’s rapid deployment to gain immediate situational awareness and an informational understanding of complex scenarios.

Tactical Deployment
Support your SRT team with UAS solutions that can operate in dark and obstacle-rich environments to inspect places invisible from above.

Remote Operations
Deploy the Skycopter worldwide while piloting it from a remote operational and intelligence station.

Search and Rescue
Durable, portable, and easily deployable in the harshest environments, our drones are designed to inspect confined spaces in GPS-denied locations.

Image module


by sending machines ahead of people to save lives, giving them an advantage of high-level intelligence
Image module

Use Cases

  • Active confined space recon
  • First responder crisis assessment
  • Victim/suspect locating night & day
  • Accident/post-event reconstruction
  • Fire and hotspot detection
Use case: Skycopter in use at the Edwards Air Force Base for assessment and inspection missions