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Skyloc is a multipurpose, indoor, high-accuracy, real-time positioning system that can be customized for various industrial activities.

The Skyloc indoor positioning system provides three broad functions:

High Performance: Enhanced functionality for navigation and control, including high refresh rates, ultra-accurate positioning using originally-designed algorithms and software.

Mass Monitoring: Low-power, high-endurance monitoring for multiple objects such as equipment, vehicles, and even livestock. The tags are designed for extended, long-term battery power, and the external components are designed for durability.

Special Applications: Skyloc can be customized for a wide range of unique applications, such as monitoring for natural environments, or the development of a Skyloc infrastructure with a hidden built-in system.




Skyloc is a truly versatile technology that can be adapted for almost any type of environment.

·       Automated control in the absence of GPS.

·       Indoor navigation systems and autonomous vehicles.

·       Automated equipment controlling.

Mass Monitoring applications

·       Track operators and equipment in healthcare clinics.

·       Track position of products in a distribution center.

·       Monitor behavior and real-time position.

Special applications

·       Build into infrastructure for hidden location system.

·       Monitor areas such as tunnels or hazardous interiors.

·       Indoor or underground drone inspections in absence of GPS.

Technical Specifications

·       Up to 25Hz refresh rate

·       Within 2-inch position accuracy

·       GPS NMEA protocol

·       Fast serial data

·       Low power battery consumption: up to 6 months of endurance

·       Motion detection

·       DB connection to save data on cloud servers

·       Self-calibration mode

·       Plug & play setup

·       Mobile app for tablet and smartphones

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