Safely sanitize areas at risk of Covid-19

The Skycopter by Skypersonic is a high performance indoor inspection drone made in the U.S.A.
It already operates with success in dangerous environments like nuclear power plants, chimneys, boilers, Oil & Gas environments.

The sanitizer version of the Skycopter can access any height or corner to spray a disinfecting solution and help mitigate the Covid-19 emergency. It can be operated remotely, avoiding the exposure of personnel to potential infection.

Image module


  • Remotely operated
  • Quickly disinfect inaccessible areas
  • Extended flight time
  • First person view operation for precise disinfection
  • High power illumination system
  • On-Board HD recording for disinfection history on video
  • Remotely adjustable disinfectant spray
  • Micro spray nozzle
  • Refillable disinfectant tank
  • Quick battery swap
  • Industrial standard disinfectants
Image module
Image module