Innovative Bridge Inspection

Innovative Bridge Inspection

Expensive lane closures & inconveniencing of community who are attempting to get to work, extensive hours operating a single mission, heavy machinery expenses and more are some of the disadvantages of using an overhead bridge crane for bridge inspections.

This approach comes with negative implications as opposed to using the Skycopter for inspection.

This pioneering caged drone innovation will contribute in the company’s day-to-day operations as well as provide new job opportunities and enable business value for the inspection industry.

Doing so will empower efficient operations and bring the expectations of this industry to par on productivity.

The Skycopter can perform inspection operations that are too strenuous, threatening or impossible for humans to conduct. Hence, Inspect the “Impossible”

The benefits of using the Skycopter for industrial inspections

  • Inspection may be completed in minutes avoiding road closure or other inconveniences for the community
  • Mission conducted using minimal workforce’s; decreasing expenditure & increasing quality inspection
  • Eliminates the use of heavy machinery
  • Environmentally friendly, socially and economically sustainable method of inspection
  • Gather initial data using high-definition images and visual recording for in-depth analysis
  • Engineered Cage drone designed for impact resistance and stability
  • Perform inspections more frequently, cost-effectively and safely.
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