Drone training for industrial solutions

Drone training for industrial solutions

Preparation is key to success, let our experts guide you through the process of drone pilot training.

Upon completion, the individual will become certified by ASIPP (American Society of Industrial/indoor professional Pilots.)

ASIPP is a private entity that provides certification to acknowledge safe remote UAS applications by evaluating pilot skills and abilities in conducting professional UAS flight for industrial inspections, surveillance, law enforcement, disaster recovery or any general use of an Unmanned Aerial System.

Learn everything you need to know from system set-up, planning & execution to the variation of intelligent flight modes provided by our Skycopter.

We also provide virtual stimulator flight training that replicates the exact controls of our Skycopter.

Our mission to make sure you are confident and ready to excel every industrial inspection operation completed by one of our UAV units to obtain a high ROI.

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