Essential tool in underground tunnel inspection

Essential tool in underground tunnel inspection

An example of an underground inspection, in a windy tunnel under the Boston Bay.

Inspection tool of the future. This innovative solution to the industrial inspection industry will outweigh traditional methods of inspections.

In this modern approach, the outcomes are increased safety, increased quality of inspections, decreased downtime and decreased costs when avoiding heavy machinery for traditional purposes.

This underground tunnel runs over 100 meters, underneath a wide river. The traditional inspection of the tunnel could take up to a whole week to assure of no fissures or fractures in the walls or ceilings. However, with this caged drone that is resistant to impact can complete a single mission within 9 minutes of flight deployment.

This could be an essential tool to your company as this innovative approach in inspection is capturing and changing the market. Add value to your Business strategy and avoid potential harm or risk liability.

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